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As an award-winning independent educational consultant, ScholarEdge President Jason Lum has established himself as an expert in college and scholarship advising. He has worked with hundreds of students, school, universities, and companies. His clients include students from across the United States and East Asia, Fortune 500 companies, and scores of school districts. A sampling of the overwhelmingly positive feedback received in the last decade:

I found Jason's lecture to be enormously helpful as I begin the process of finding funding for graduate school. He provided a clear outline, explained things in careful detail, and used applicable examples. I recommend his presentation to anyone seeking guidance in this area.

~ S. Lageson, Minneapolis, MN

Jason conducted a two-hour scholarship training for AmeriCorps members. He went out of his way to tailor his excellent presentation to the huge spectrum of experiences in the room. His information was detailed and concrete, and he was clearly an expert; however, what set Jason apart was that every person at that training walked away with real hope for winning scholarships. Members have personally thanked me for bringing Jason to talk to them because his talk was so enlightening, engaging, and encouraging. I hope very much to work with him in the future and highly recommend his services to everybody.

~ AmeriCorps, Minneapolis, MN

Jason's seminar is possibly the most valuable time you will ever spend on an issue that most students worry about when it's too late.

~ Allyson Rudy, Chaska Schools

His lectures consistently receive stellar student evaluations, and draw many parents and students just based on word-of-mouth.

~ Jane Sink, Minnetonka Schools

I attended your workshop twice at Roseville High School, the first time when my son was a sophomore and again (with him in tow) when he was a junior. I wanted to let you know that your words of advice helped lead him to enter several scholarship competitions, including a national competition offered by the Order of the Sons of Italy in America. Although there are no chapters in Minnesota, we asked my in-laws to find out about scholarship opportunities since they have been involved with this group in NY for over 30 years. They sent us the brochure and we sent off the required information and an essay about the contributions of Italian-Americans. Last weekend, my son was contacted by the selection committee, meeting that day in Washington, D.C. He was informed that he had been chosen to win their top prize, a $25,000.00 scholarship! If that wasn't enough (and we felt that was plenty!), he is to receive the award at the group's annual black tie gala in Washington, D.C. next month where the President, Congressional leaders and other dignitaries typically attend! Our family is thrilled and his grandparents plan to meet us there for what will most likely be a once-in-a-lifetime event!!
Meanwhile, he has also received a gift/scholarship from the NYC lodge my in-laws are active in, as well as one from the Roseville Kiwanis group. We are awaiting word on the Robert C. Byrd scholarship (he was one of three nominees from RAHS) and a Best Buy scholarship. Although the work required to complete all these applications and essays, in addition to his 7 school application packets, was rather daunting at times, we feel very fortunate that he persevered and did so!
Thank you, Mr. Lum, for the information and inspiration that you provided to us through your workshops! Your presentation motivated us to look beyond the typical resources for scholarship sponsors and we have reaped wonderful rewards!

~ Suzanne S., Roseville, MN
(Note: Suzanne's son was accepted at each of his seven schools, including Yale University).

Just a note about our joy and appreciation for your assistance in our son’s wonderful success in admission and financial aid.
Needless to say I am overwhelmed by the generous award he received. The excitement of preparing our son to attend such a highly praised institution is an emotional experience that is hard to describe.
I hope that your career as an advisor on college admissions and financial aid continues to bloom. You have certainly been a great help to us.

~ Roger H., Eden Prairie, MN
(Note: Roger's son received a financial aid package valued at $40,000 for his first year of college.)

Jason, you convinced me that even though our son was not a top student and did not have a good ACT score, with your help he was admitted into several great colleges with some impressive financial packages. Without you, this wonderful opportunity for our son would not have happened.

~ Cheryl B., Eden Prairie, MN

Jason, I have compiled the conference evaluations and there were many positive remarks regarding your presentation. Below are some of the great comments the VISTA members wrote about your presentation:

  • “Just what I needed! I'm motivated to apply for scholarships to fund my grad work!”
  • “The presenter was GREAT. He knew what he was talking about and was able to relay this information in an effective and humorous manner.”
  • “It was excellent, very helpful!”
  • “Jason rules! His presentation on financing grad school focused on the important things and he was funny. I also liked his emphasis on volunteerism, because that's what VISTA is all about.”
  • “So great! Funny!”
  • “He was practical and engaging. He's a great speaker for the end of a long day. GREAT!”
  • “Jason offered good advice for navigating the scholarship application process.”
  • “Very helpful, great presenter!”
  • “Jason was great! He held out attention the whole time and was enthusiastic. He gave a lot of helpful tips and ideas and really opened my eyes to different options out there; like going abroad with rotary scholarships. I definitely recommend him in the future.”
  • “He had some great advice that was very applicable to me and my situation! I would have listened to him for longer!”
  • “Crazy! Great!”
  • “Jason provided a lot of great tips on how to fund school. He made something as daunting as grad school seems more like a possibility.”

I also would agree with the comments above. Your presentation was extremely helpful and motivational. The tips given were essential in making students realize that there is money out there, they just need to access it.

~ Michelle P., AmeriCorps Vista Leader, Minnesota Housing Partnership