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Interview Preparation

With Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford rejecting 9 out 10 applicants, every little bit matters. Your interview with the college or an alumnus of the college can be a small but vital way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

And with scholarships, your interview will probably be the most important factor whether you win thousands of dollars in free money, or rack up even more student debt that will take decades to pay off.

We know that these interviews are often anxiety-provoking and stress-filled events – but they don’t need to be. ScholarEdge can help students anticipate questions, and we can set up mock interviews until the student has the requisite comfort level and preparation. Jason Lum has not only sat through dozens of high-stakes interviews for college, grad school, and scholarships, but he now conducts interviews for Harvard and Washington University in St. Louis.

We can do mock interviews done exactly the way a college interview is performed. We can also provide detailed materials from our exclusive library about likely questions to be asked and ways you could consider answering them. The possibilities are limitless in how we can prepare you for any high-stakes interview.


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